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Deluxe Balloon Decorations was initially founded in Montreal in 2017, where we have enjoyed a lot of success and growth over the years. Deluxe Balloon Decorations has expanded to serve more clients in Western Canada with a new regional office in Edmonton. It is our goal to provide a unique decorative experience to our clients that exceeds expectations, and thrills your event attendees. We strive to achieve unforgettable presentations at a competitive price, and can tailor the decor to fit your budget. We also can can help you to design your decoration and have a better visual idea. 



Tamara , with her degree of event planner and experience based in Montreal, can transform your event to something  outstanding. She loves being in the fashion industry and has passion to transform balloon decorations into  a glamour  decor. She offers tons of experience planning big and small events. She is excited to face new experiences and challenges. With her multicultural learning, she can communicate with you easy in French, Spanish and English.

Tamara is passionate about the balloon decoration. She is the first in Edmonton to have  this deluxe and quality of  balloon decoration company. She  has very quickly became the most sought-after  new event designer in Edmonton.  Tamara brings balloon decor and gift giving to a whole new level of luxury. 


Deluxe Balloon Decorations Team is the best part for Deluxe Balloon Decorations! 

We are a strong team with all original idea and each of us are expert on their role.

They  have their training done before been part of Deluxe Balloon Decorations team. 

We are qualify to be a fun team and very positive. You probably going to meet them during your event and you will agree with the fun and positive part and probably add more compliments. 

 "YES WE CAN DO" is our main sentence.

We love what we do, and we hope you do too. 



Our Latex balloons are biodegradable which means they oxidize over time. Our full coloured latex balloon become matte and our clear confetti latex balloon will become cloudy within 10-12hours.

Please make an effort to recycle your balloons once used. 



11 inch latex :

the standard party balloon will stay floating for 8 - 10 hours 

3 foot latex Giant Balloons : 

Our Giant Balloons float for 24 - 36 hours 

3 foot latex Giant Confetti Balloons : 

Our Giant confetti Balloon float for 24 - 36 hours, however they begin to cloud after 12 - 24 hours 


Unless the weather is completely calm, your balloon will move with the wind hide from the rain and pop with the hot sunshine.

Although all of our balloons are weighted, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to sustain outdoor climates. 

It's worth bearing in min how the cold affects helium balloons.  Helium floats to it being thinner than air, but when it get cold it makes it dense and therefore heavier than air, causing it to shrivel and sink. Our balloons are made of a thicker material, meaning they're a lot more durable and can withstand the cold on their travel. If you ordering our inflate foil balloons, please be aware they may look a little less plump on arrival. Once returned to the warmth, you'Il hear them start to make a little popping noise where the helium is expanding the foil balloon back to its rightful state.


On the off chance that the sun is shinning bright enough to cause any damage, it's not worth to left it in the sun. The balloon can start to fade. If it's super hot, then be sure to know the balloon may pop. 


If you're looking to do a balloon ceiling yourself, or want to release any balloons onto a ceiling, make sure to check the surface before placing them. The smallest of thing, such a chip in the paintwork, can make a balloon pop, so run your hand across and check for any areas which you think could be problematic. It also guaranteed that any hot spotlight will pop your balloons. 

If your room has spotlight, make sure they have been turned off for 2 hours and are completely cold before placing any balloons. Do not turn any light on, it will get hot as this will result in your balloons bursting and your guests jumping out of their skin. 

If you have more question please do not hesitate to contact us! 



Uninflated or burst balloons can present a choking hazard. Please supervise your children at all times.




Most balloons are made of natural rubber latex and may cause allergies. Please advise consumers to look out for symptoms incase of allergies and get help.




We charge an extra minimum $60 for set up and $60 to take down. Price can vary for each work done. Extra charge for set up lighting system.  


We ask at 75% of total amount to reserve the date.  


I case of Cancellation of Service, Only 50% of the amount paid will be refunded.   



If you need to keep the decorations after the initial event, we offer you one additional days at no charge. Afterwards, if you wish to keep the decoration longer, there is a $20/ day rental, which includes maintaining and replacing any balloons that may have gone flat. It does not however cover vandalism and intentional damage. (This offer is only available for lower ceiling, arches and pillars).  

LOCATION MORE THAN 1 MONTH = If you have the decoration for 1 month the charge will be $10/day that include 3 decorations, if you have more decoration it’s an extra 2$ /day on each decoration, that include maintenance minimum 2 times per week.



There is a 10% damage Insurance protection charge that is added per contract to all rental items (unless declined). Damage Protection will cover the first $100 of broken or damaged equipment and 50% of any additional damage or breakage. The remaining 50% will be the customer’s responsibility. As this is damage protection it will not cover the cost of lost items. Missing items must be paid for by the client fully.



We need at least 10 days before the events, to book your Special Day. If you book after 10 days we have to adjust with what we can have, we will try to do the best to have everything for your event.  

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