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Our "7ft Organic Columns  "  is all you need for a fun intimate party or a surprise. They are easy to move around as well. 

If you need a bigger size please contact us at:


This package includes:

  • 4 Oranic Columns of 7 ft 
  • Delivery  + Set up
  • Take Down


Enjoy Your Party!


Need more colours?

Please add them on the special request case.


Need more colours?

Please add them on the special request case.

(Any Marble, Pearl or Chrome Balloon will be add only for a touch not for full colour.) 


11" Balloons Colours 

Marble Colours

4 Organic Columns of 7 ft

C$525.00 Regular Price
C$500.00Sale Price
Main Colour #1
Option Colour #2 or Touch
Option Colour #3 or Touch
    • Our Balloon Decorations and Cake must be ordered at least 10 business days in advance, if you want from one day to another you must confirm availability. Call (780)-710-3326.
    • If we are sold out of one colour  you choose we will contact you and send you our similars options to choose.
    • The helium gas is not flammable, it should be taken into account that when the helium balloons are placed outside in the cold weather, the gas particles are compressed and the balloons automatically deflated, this is a natural process. Avoid leaving them outside. 
    • When the balloons are placed directly in the sun, the latex or metallic material boils and explodes.
    • Do not leave the bouquet or decoration in the car because the heat, steam, causes them to deflate or explode.
    • The latex balloons with helium last between 24 to 48 hours, the microfoil balloons last from 2 to 15 days with helium gas, depending on the weather conditions or their use.
    • When balloons are spied, deflated or exploded they should be discarded. Keep waste away from children and pets, as they can drown.
    • Microfoil balloons can be transmitters of electricity. Please avoid releasing them or bringing them closer to power lines.
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